Cartindustria Eurocarta has over thirty years of experience in the tissue market. Nowadays the company contributes to the development of the market through all the necessary elements for the fruition of a perfect quality product. The latest generation machinery for converting and packaging, the training of specialized personnel, the study and the choice of the most suitable commercial solutions are just some of the fundamental aspects that contribute to the creation of quality products.

The reality of a company that has become an emblem of quality in the professional tissue market. Cartindustria Eurocarta produces towel rolls, industrial paper rolls, medical sheets, maxi and mini jumbo toilet paper, folded hand towels.

Company Eurocarta


Always committed to seeking the right compromise between softness and resistance, Cartindustria Eurocarta, thanks also to the great variety of its offer, both as product lines and as a variety of raw materials, is a well-known company through the world of professional tissue paper.

Whether it is the precious cellulose of the CENTOXCENTO line and the inexhaustible potential of TECNOCELL, ECONET and BLUELINE solutions, Cartindustria Eurocarta offers a range of products that covers all the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s market. All our product innovation for tailor-made service excellence. With the strength of an industrial tradition of over 30 years, we design every day the best solutions for the professional tissue market: cellulose products, ecological paper products as well as custom-made lines. The goal is to respond to the needs of a changing market, getting closer and closer to the needs of each of the professionals who are part of it.

Company Eurocarta